The start of 2010 hasn’t been very rosy. Granted, it is better than last year when my professional life was in the toilet. Now that it is under control, it’s time to focus on my personal life and get happy — really, truly, deep down happy. While I can laugh and have fun moments, sadness isn’t far from the surface. This is the year to change that. Here’s how I plan to do it. I think I’ll stick it on the fridge, my bathroom mirror, and my computer monitor so that I don’t forget. Feel free to do the same.

Live in the moment: I need to stop worrying about the past and what might be coming down the road. For when I do that, I neglect the people around me and I withdraw from life. I need to enjoy every moment.

Treasure family and friends: When I’m with them I need to give them my full attention and all my love and care. I cannot take them for granted. I might be in the grumpiest of moods, but I cannot neglect or be mean to the people I love.

Do what is right for me: I cannot do things to please others. I must do things that are right for me and my daughter.

Get happy: I need to discover what makes me happy and do those things. And enjoy them fully.

Be strong: I need to develop the strength to do what is right for me — and hold on to it. I can’t let others’ feelings, words, or actions weaken me.